Business Management

We provide Business & Wealth Management Services to Executives of the Corporate, Entertainment & Sports Industry. We work in a paperless environment so that our clients can access any documents whenever they need. We will liaise with all professionals including Attorneys to ensure all aspects of our clients financial position is up to date. Following is a listing of some of the Services we provide:

  • Monthly Financial Reports for review with client - we understand that our clients do not want to be bothered with the day to day management of their finances, but do want to be aware of their Financial Standing, so we review the reports with our clients on at least a monthly basis.

  • Cash flow management including receiving income and paying bills – we keep all accounting up to date, so our clients able to access current data with regards to their finances.

  • Insurance planning & obtainment of policies for coverage – we determine the amount of coverage needed and review with client, on client approval we will obtain and maintain policies.

  • Retirement Planning & Maintenance of Goals (we have certified personal financial planners on staff) – we help clients plan for retirement and will access needs on an ongoing basis, making changes as necessary with prior client approval.

  • Tax Planning, Consulting & Preparation – we will ensure tax compliance and planning on an on-going basis with frequent review with client. We will prepare all returns (including payroll returns for any domestic help & multi-state). We will ensure all tax payments are timely made.

  • Investment Planning & maintenance

  • Payroll related services, we will take care of all payroll processing & compliance with filings with the tax authorities. We will also make sure of compliance with all insurance requirements.

  • Education Planning

  • Estate & Trust Planning , including Gift Tax Planning & Multi-Generational planning

  • Real Estate, management of all Real Estate, including construction assistance

  • Royalty, Endorsement, Licensing & Merchandising Agreement Review and Oversight

  • Budgeting

  • Set up, Maintenance & on going Accounting for Foundations

  • Philanthropy Planning & Management

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